Security update for kernel live patch 8 (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2016:0337-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-02-04T19:14:29


This kernel live patch for Linux Kernel 3.12.48-52.27.1 fixes security issues and bugs:

Security issues fixed: - CVE-2015-8539: A negatively instantiated user key could have been used by a local user to leverage privileges (bnc#958601).

  • CVE-2015-6937: A NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) implementation allowing a local user to cause system DoS. A verification was missing that the underlying transport exists when a connection was created. (bsc#953052)

  • CVE-2015-7990: RDS: Verify the underlying transport exists before creating a connection, preventing possible DoS (bsc#953052).

  • CVE-2015-7872: Possible crash when trying to garbage collect an uninstantiated keyring (bsc#951542).

  • CVE-2015-2925: The prepend_path function in fs/dcache.c in the Linux kernel did not properly handle rename actions inside a bind mount, which allowed local users to bypass an intended container protection mechanism by renaming a directory, related to a "double-chroot attack (bnc#951625).

Non-security bugfix were also done: - xfs: Fix lost direct IO write in the last block (bsc#954005). - simple fix in kallsyms initialization (bsc#940342 bsc#916225)