Security update for java-1_7_0-openjdk (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2013:1254-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2013-07-25T16:04:14


This update to icedtea-2.4.1 fixes various security issues:

  • S6741606, CVE-2013-2407: Integrate Apache Santuario
  • S7158805, CVE-2013-2445: Better rewriting of nested subroutine calls
  • S7170730, CVE-2013-2451: Improve Windows network stack support.
  • S8000638, CVE-2013-2450: Improve deserialization
  • S8000642, CVE-2013-2446: Better handling of objects for transportation
  • S8001033, CVE-2013-2452: Refactor network address handling in virtual machine identifiers
  • S8001034, CVE-2013-1500: Memory management improvements
  • S8001038, CVE-2013-2444: Resourcefully handle resources
  • S8001318, CVE-2013-2447: Socket.getLocalAddress not consistent with InetAddress.getLocalHost
  • S8001330, CVE-2013-2443: Improve on checking order (non-Zero builds only)
  • S8003703, CVE-2013-2412: Update RMI connection dialog box
  • S8004288, CVE-2013-2449: (fs) Files.probeContentType problems
  • S8006328, CVE-2013-2448: Improve robustness of sound classes
  • S8007812, CVE-2013-2455: (reflect) Class.getEnclosingMethod problematic for some classes
  • S8008120, CVE-2013-2457: Improve JMX class checking
  • S8008124, CVE-2013-2453: Better compliance testing
  • S8008132, CVE-2013-2456: Better serialization support
  • S8008744, CVE-2013-2407: Rework part of fix for JDK-6741606
  • S8009057, CVE-2013-2448: Improve MIDI event handling
  • S8009071, CVE-2013-2459: Improve shape handling
  • S8009424, CVE-2013-2458: Adapt Nashorn to JSR-292 implementation change
  • S8009554, CVE-2013-2454: Improve SerialJavaObject.getFields
  • S8010209, CVE-2013-2460: Better provision of factories
  • S8011243, CVE-2013-2470: Improve ImagingLib
  • S8011248, CVE-2013-2471: Better Component Rasters
  • S8011253, CVE-2013-2472: Better Short Component Rasters
  • S8011257, CVE-2013-2473: Better Byte Component Rasters
  • S8012375, CVE-2013-1571: Improve Javadoc framing
  • S8012438, CVE-2013-2463: Better image validation
  • S8012597, CVE-2013-2465: Better image channel verification
  • S8012601, CVE-2013-2469: Better validation of image layouts
  • S8014281, CVE-2013-2461: Better checking of XML signature