Security update for pcp (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2013:0190-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2013-01-23T20:04:43


pcp was updated to version 3.6.10 which fixes security issues and also brings a lot of new features.


Update to pcp-3.6.10.

o Transition daemons to run under an unprivileged account. o Fixes for security advisory CVE-2012-5530: tmpfile flaws; (bnc#782967). o Fix pcp(1) command short-form pmlogger reporting. o Fix pmdalogger error handling for directory files. o Fix pmstat handling of odd corner case in CPU metrics. o Correct the python ctype used for pmAtomValue 32bit ints. o Add missing RPM spec dependency for python-ctypes. o Corrections to pmdamysql metrics units. o Add pmdamysql slave status metrics. o Improve pmcollectl error messages. o Parameterize pmcollectl CPU counts in interrupt subsys. o Fix generic RPM packaging for powerpc builds. o Fix python API use of reentrant libpcp string routines. o Python code backporting for RHEL5 in qa and pmcollectl. o Fix edge cases in capturing interrupt error counts. *

Update to pcp-3.6.9.

o Python wrapper for the pmimport API o Make sar2pcp work with the sysstat versions from RHEL5, RHEL6, and all recent Fedora versions (which is almost all current versions of sysstat verified). o Added a number of additional metrics into the importer for people starting to use it to analyse sar data from real customer incidents. o Rework use of C99 "restrict" keyword in pmdalogger (Debian bug: 689552) o Alot of work on the PCP QA suite, special thanks to Tomas Dohnalek for all his efforts there. o Win32 build updates o Add "raw" disk active metrics so that existing tools like iostat can be emulated o Allow sar2pcp to accept XML input directly (.xml suffix), allowing it to not have to run on the same platform as the sadc/sadf that originally generated it. o Add PMI error codes into the PCP::LogImport perl module. o Fix a typo in pmiUnits man page synopsis section o Resolve pmdalinux ordering issue in NUMA/CPU indom setup (Redhat bug: 858384) o Remove unused pmcollectl imports (Redhat bug: 863210) o Allow event traces to be used in libpcp interpolate mode *

Update to pcp-3.6.8.

o Corrects the disk/partition identification for the MMC driver, which makes disk indom handling correct on the Raspberry Pi (<a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>) o Several minor/basic fixes for pmdaoracle. o Improve pmcollectl compatibility. o Make a few clarifications to pmcollectl.1. o Improve python API test coverage. o Numerous updates to the test suite in general. o Allow pmda Install scripts to specify own dso name again. o Reconcile spec file differences between PCP flavours. o Fix handling of multiple contexts with a remote namespace. o Core socket interface abstractions to support NSS (later). o Fix man page SYNOPSIS section for pmUnpackEventRecords. o Add --disable-shared build option for static builds. *

Update to pcp-3.6.6.

o Added the python PMAPI bindings and an initial python client in pmcollectl. Separate, new package exists for python libs for those platforms that split out packages (rpm, deb). o Added a pcp-testsuite package for those platforms that might want this (rpm, deb again, mainly) o Re-introduced the pcp/qa subdirectory in pcp and deprecated the external pcpqa git tree. o Fix potential buffer overflow in pmlogger host name handling. o Reworked the configure --prefix handling to be more like the rest of the open source world. o Ensure the __pmDecodeText ident parameter is always set Resolves Red Hat bugzilla bug #841306.