Security update for flash-player (critical)

ID SUSE-SU-2012:1326-2
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2012-10-13T06:08:49


flash player was updated to version, fixing a lot of security issues:

CVE-2012-5248, CVE-2012-5249, CVE-2012-5250, CVE-2012-5251, CVE-2012-5252, CVE-2012-5253, CVE-2012-5254, CVE-2012-5255, CVE-2012-5256, CVE-2012-5257, CVE-2012-5258, CVE-2012-5259, CVE-2012-5260, CVE-2012-5261, CVE-2012-5262, CVE-2012-5263, CVE-2012-5264, CVE-2012-5265, CVE-2012-5266, CVE-2012-5267, CVE-2012-5268, CVE-2012-5269, CVE-2012-5270, CVE-2012-5271, CVE-2012-5272

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