remote code execution in opera

ID SUSE-SA:2005:057
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2005-09-26T14:40:55


This update upgrades the Opera web browser to the 8.50 release. Besides the changes in 8.50 that are listed in following security problems were fixed: 1. Attached files are opened without any warnings directly from the user's cache directory. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary Javascript in context of "file://". 2. Normally, filename extensions are determined by the "Content-Type" in Opera Mail. However, by appending an additional '.' to the end of a filename, an HTML file could be spoofed to be e.g. "image.jpg.". These two vulnerabilities combined may be exploited to conduct script insertion attacks if the user chooses to view an attachment named e.g. "image.jpg." e.g. resulting in disclosure of local files.


There is no known workaround, please install the update packages.