Security update for go1.14 (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2020:1407-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2020-09-11T12:15:21


This update for go1.14 fixes the following issues:

  • go1.14 was updated to version 1.14.7
  • CVE-2020-16845: dUvarint and ReadVarint can read an unlimited number of bytes from invalid inputs (bsc#1174977).

  • go1.14.6 (released 2020-07-16) includes fixes to the go command, the compiler, the linker, vet, and the database/sql, encoding/json, net/http, reflect, and testing packages. Refs bsc#1164903 go1.14 release tracking Refs bsc#1174153 bsc#1174191

    • go#39991 runtime: missing deferreturn on linux/ppc64le
    • go#39920 net/http: panic on misformed If-None-Match Header with http.ServeContent
    • go#39849 cmd/compile: internal compile error when using sync.Pool: mismatched zero/store sizes
    • go#39824 cmd/go: TestBuildIDContainsArchModeEnv/386 fails on linux/386 in Go 1.14 and 1.13, not 1.15
    • go#39698 reflect: panic from malloc after MakeFunc function returns value that is also stored globally
    • go#39636 reflect: DeepEqual can return true for values that are not equal
    • go#39585 encoding/json: incorrect object key unmarshaling when using custom TextUnmarshaler as Key with string va lues
    • go#39562 cmd/compile/internal/ssa: TestNexting/dlv-dbg-hist failing on linux-386-longtest builder because it trie s to use an older version of dlv which only supports linux/amd64
    • go#39308 testing: streaming output loses parallel subtest associations
    • go#39288 cmd/vet: update for new number formats
    • go#39101 database/sql: context cancellation allows statements to execute after rollback
    • go#38030 doc: BuildNameToCertificate deprecated in go 1.14 not mentioned in the release notes
    • go#40212 net/http: Expect 100-continue panics in httputil.ReverseProxy bsc#1174153 CVE-2020-15586
    • go#40210 crypto/x509: Certificate.Verify method seemingly ignoring EKU requirements on Windows bsc#1174191 CVE-2020-14039 (Windows only)
  • Add patch to ensure /etc/hosts is used if /etc/nsswitch.conf is not present bsc#1172868 gh#golang/go#35305

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