Security update for libzypp, zypper (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2018:2881-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2018-09-26T18:22:31


This update for libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

Update libzypp to version 16.17.20:

Security issues fixed:

  • PackageProvider: Validate delta rpms before caching (bsc#1091624, bsc#1088705, CVE-2018-7685)
  • PackageProvider: Validate downloaded rpm package signatures before caching (bsc#1091624, bsc#1088705, CVE-2018-7685)

Other bugs fixed:

  • lsof: use '-K i' if lsof supports it (bsc#1099847, bsc#1036304)
  • Handle http error 502 Bad Gateway in curl backend (bsc#1070851)
  • RepoManager: Explicitly request repo2solv to generate application pseudo packages.
  • libzypp-devel should not require cmake (bsc#1101349)
  • HardLocksFile: Prevent against empty commit without Target having been been loaded (bsc#1096803)
  • Avoid zombie tar processes (bsc#1076192)

Update to zypper to version 1.13.45:

Other bugs fixed:

  • XML <install-summary> attribute packages-to-change added (bsc#1102429)
  • man: Strengthen that `--config FILE' affects zypper.conf, not zypp.conf (bsc#1100028)
  • Prevent nested calls to exit() if aborted by a signal (bsc#1092413)
  • ansi.h: Prevent ESC sequence strings from going out of scope (bsc#1092413)
  • Fix: zypper bash completion expands non-existing options (bsc#1049825)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP3:Update update project.