Security update for MozillaThunderbird (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2017:2707-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2017-10-12T00:11:14


Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to 52.4.0 (boo#1060445) * new behavior was introduced for replies to mailing list posts: "When replying to a mailing list, reply will be sent to address in From header ignoring Reply-to header". A new preference mail.override_list_reply_to allows to restore the previous behavior. * Under certain circumstances (image attachment and non-image attachment), attached images were shown truncated in messages stored in IMAP folders not synchronised for offline use. * IMAP UIDs > 0x7FFFFFFF now handled properly Security fixes from Gecko 52.4esr * CVE-2017-7793 (bmo#1371889) Use-after-free with Fetch API * CVE-2017-7818 (bmo#1363723) Use-after-free during ARIA array manipulation * CVE-2017-7819 (bmo#1380292) Use-after-free while resizing images in design mode * CVE-2017-7824 (bmo#1398381) Buffer overflow when drawing and validating elements with ANGLE * CVE-2017-7805 (bmo#1377618) (fixed via NSS requirement) Use-after-free in TLS 1.2 generating handshake hashes * CVE-2017-7814 (bmo#1376036) Blob and data URLs bypass phishing and malware protection warnings * CVE-2017-7825 (bmo#1393624, bmo#1390980) (OSX-only) OS X fonts render some Tibetan and Arabic unicode characters as spaces * CVE-2017-7823 (bmo#1396320) CSP sandbox directive did not create a unique origin * CVE-2017-7810 Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 56 and Firefox ESR 52.4

  • Add alsa-devel BuildRequires: we care for ALSA support to be built and thus need to ensure we get the dependencies in place. In the past, alsa-devel was pulled in by accident: we buildrequire libgnome-devel. This required esound-devel and that in turn pulled in alsa-devel for us. libgnome is being fixed to no longer require esound-devel.