Security update for qemu (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2016:1750-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-07-06T22:04:21


qemu was updated to fix 29 security issues.

These security issues were fixed: - CVE-2016-4439: Avoid OOB access in 53C9X emulation (bsc#980711) - CVE-2016-4441: Avoid OOB access in 53C9X emulation (bsc#980723) - CVE-2016-4952: Avoid OOB access in Vmware PV SCSI emulation (bsc#981266) - CVE-2015-8817: Avoid OOB access in PCI dma I/O (bsc#969121) - CVE-2015-8818: Avoid OOB access in PCI dma I/O (bsc#969122) - CVE-2016-3710: Fixed VGA emulation based OOB access with potential for guest escape (bsc#978158) - CVE-2016-3712: Fixed VGa emulation based DOS and OOB read access exploit (bsc#978160) - CVE-2016-4037: Fixed USB ehci based DOS (bsc#976109) - CVE-2016-2538: Fixed potential OOB access in USB net device emulation (bsc#967969) - CVE-2016-2841: Fixed OOB access / hang in ne2000 emulation (bsc#969350) - CVE-2016-2858: Avoid potential DOS when using QEMU pseudo random number generator (bsc#970036) - CVE-2016-2857: Fixed OOB access when processing IP checksums (bsc#970037) - CVE-2016-4001: Fixed OOB access in Stellaris enet emulated nic (bsc#975128) - CVE-2016-4002: Fixed OOB access in MIPSnet emulated controller (bsc#975136) - CVE-2016-4020: Fixed possible host data leakage to guest from TPR access (bsc#975700) - CVE-2016-2197: Prevent AHCI NULL pointer dereference when using FIS CLB engine (bsc#964411) - CVE-2015-5745: Buffer overflow in virtio-serial (bsc#940929). - CVE-2015-7549: PCI null pointer dereferences (bsc#958917). - CVE-2015-8504: VNC floating point exception (bsc#958491). - CVE-2015-8558: Infinite loop in ehci_advance_state resulting in DoS (bsc#959005). - CVE-2015-8567: A guest repeatedly activating a vmxnet3 device can leak host memory (bsc#959386). - CVE-2015-8568: A guest repeatedly activating a vmxnet3 device can leak host memory (bsc#959386). - CVE-2015-8613: Wrong sized memset in megasas command handler (bsc#961358). - CVE-2015-8619: Potential DoS for long HMP sendkey command argument (bsc#960334). - CVE-2015-8743: OOB memory access in ne2000 ioport r/w functions (bsc#960725). - CVE-2015-8744: Incorrect l2 header validation could have lead to a crash via assert(2) call (bsc#960835). - CVE-2015-8745: Reading IMR registers could have lead to a crash via assert(2) call (bsc#960708). - CVE-2016-1568: AHCI use-after-free in aio port commands (bsc#961332). - CVE-2016-1714: Potential OOB memory access in processing firmware configuration (bsc#961691). - CVE-2016-1922: NULL pointer dereference when processing hmp i/o command (bsc#962320). - CVE-2016-1981: Potential DoS (infinite loop) in e1000 device emulation by malicious privileged user within guest (bsc#963782). - CVE-2016-2198: Malicious privileged guest user were able to cause DoS by writing to read-only EHCI capabilities registers (bsc#964413).

This non-security issue was fixed - bsc#886378: qemu truncates vhd images in virt-rescue

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP1:Update update project.