Security update for systemd (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2016:1101-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-04-19T15:08:15


This update for systemd fixes several issues.

These security issues were fixed: - CVE-2014-9770, CVE-2015-8842: Don't allow read access to journal files to users (boo#972612)

These non-security issues were fixed: - Import commit 523777609a04fe9e590420e89f94ef07e3719baa: e5e362a udev: exclude MD from block device ownership event locking 8839413 udev: really exclude device-mapper from block device ownership event locking 66782e6 udev: exclude device-mapper from block device ownership event locking (boo#972727) 1386f57 tmpfiles: explicitly set mode for /run/log faadb74 tmpfiles: don't allow read access to journal files to users not in systemd-journal 9b1ef37 tmpfiles: don't apply sgid and executable bit to journal files, only the directories they are contained in 011c39f tmpfiles: add ability to mask access mode by pre-existing access mode on files/directories 07e2d60 tmpfiles: get rid of "m" lines d504e28 tmpfiles: various modernizations f97250d systemctl: no need to pass --all if inactive is explicitly requested in list-units (boo#967122) 2686573 fstab-generator: fix automount option and don't start associated mount unit at boot (boo#970423) 5c1637d login: support more than just power-gpio-key (fate#318444) (boo#970860) 2c95ecd logind: add standard gpio power button support (fate#318444) (boo#970860) af3eb93 Revert "log-target-null-instead-kmsg" 555dad4 shorten hostname before checking for trailing dot (boo#965897) 522194c Revert "log: honour the kernel's quiet cmdline argument" (boo#963230) cc94e47 transaction: downgrade warnings about wanted unit which are not found (boo#960158) eb3cfb3 Revert "vhangup-on-all-consoles" 0c28752 remove WorkingDirectory parameter from emergency, rescue and console-shell.service (boo#959886) 1d6d840 Fix wrong substitution variable name in (boo#964355) - Don't ship boot.udev and systemd-journald.init anymore. It was used during the systemd transition when both sysvinit and systemd could be used on the same system