Security update for icedtea-web (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2015:1595-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2015-09-22T11:10:12


The icedtea-web java plugin was updated to 1.6.1.

Changes included: * Enabled Entry-Point attribute check * permissions sandbox and signed app and unsigned app with permissions all-permissions now run in sandbox instead of not at all. * fixed DownloadService * comments in now should persists load/save * fixed bug in caching of files with query * fixed issues with recreating of existing shortcut * trustAll/trustNone now processed correctly * headless no longer shows dialogues * RH1231441 Unable to read the text of the buttons of the security dialogue * Fixed RH1233697 icedtea-web: applet origin spoofing (CVE-2015-5235, bsc#944208) * Fixed RH1233667 icedtea-web: unexpected permanent authorization of unsigned applets (CVE-2015-5234, bsc#944209) * MissingALACAdialog made available also for unsigned applications (but ignoring actual manifest value) and fixed * NetX - fixed issues with -html shortcuts - fixed issue with -html receiving garbage in width and height * PolicyEditor - file flag made to work when used standalone - file flag and main argument cannot be used in combination * Fix generation of man-pages with some versions of "tail"

Also included is the update to 1.6 * Massively improved offline abilities. Added Xoffline switch to force work without inet connection. * Improved to be able to run with any JDK * JDK 6 and older no longer supported * JDK 8 support added (URLPermission granted if applicable) * JDK 9 supported * Added support for Entry-Point manifest attribute * Added KEY_ENABLE_MANIFEST_ATTRIBUTES_CHECK deployment property to control scan of Manifest file * starting arguments now accept also -- abbreviations * Added new documentation * Added support for menu shortcuts - both javaws applications/applets and html applets are supported * added support for -html switch for javaws. Now you can run most of the applets without browser at all * Control Panel - PR1856: ControlPanel UI improvement for lower resolutions (800600) * NetX - PR1858: Java Console accepts multi-byte encodings - PR1859: Java Console UI improvement for lower resolutions (800600) - RH1091563: [abrt] icedtea-web-1.5-2.fc20: Uncaught exception java.lang.ClassCastException in method sun.applet.PluginAppletViewer$ - Dropped support for long unmaintained -basedir argument - Returned support for -jnlp argument - RH1095311, PR574 - References class sun.misc.Ref removed in OpenJDK 9 - fixed, and so buildable on JDK9 * Plugin - PR1743 - Intermittant deadlock in PluginRequestProcessor - PR1298 - LiveConnect - problem setting array elements (applet variables) from JS - RH1121549: coverity defects - Resolves method overloading correctly with superclass heirarchy distance * PolicyEditor - codebases can be renamed in-place, copied, and pasted - codebase URLs can be copied to system clipboard - displays a progress dialog while opening or saving files - codebases without permissions assigned save to file anyway (and re-appear on next open) - PR1776: NullPointer on save-and-exit - PR1850: duplicate codebases when launching from security dialogs - Fixed bug where clicking "Cancel" on the "Save before Exiting" dialog could result in the editor exiting without saving changes - Keyboard accelerators and mnemonics greatly improved - "File - New" allows editing a new policy without first selecting the file to save to * Common - PR1769: support signed applets which specify Sandbox permissions in their manifests * Temporary Permissions in security dialog now multi-selectable and based on PolicyEditor permissions

  • Update to 1.5.2
  • NetX
    • RH1095311, PR574 - References class sun.misc.Ref removed in OpenJDK 9
    • fixed, and so buildable on JDK9
    • RH1154177 - decoded file needed from cache
    • fixed NPE in https dialog
    • empty codebase behaves as "."