Security update for MozillaFirefox (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2015:0607-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2015-03-26T08:04:49


MozillaFirefox was updated to Firefox 36.0.4 to fix two critical security issues found during Pwn2Own:

 * MFSA 2015-28/CVE-2015-0818 (bmo#1144988) Privilege escalation through
   SVG navigation

 * MFSA 2015-29/CVE-2015-0817 (bmo#1145255) Code execution through
   incorrect JavaScript bounds checking elimination

Als fixed were the following bugs: - Copy the icons to /usr/share/icons instead of symlinking them: in preparation for containerized apps (e.g. xdg-app) as well as AppStream metadata extraction, there are a couple locations that need to be real files for system integration (.desktop files, icons, mime-type info).

  • update to Firefox 36.0.1 Bugfixes:
    • Disable the usage of the ANY DNS query type (bmo#1093983)
    • Hello may become inactive until restart (bmo#1137469)
    • Print preferences may not be preserved (bmo#1136855)
    • Hello contact tabs may not be visible (bmo#1137141)
    • Accept hostnames that include an underscore character ("_") (bmo#1136616)
    • WebGL may use significant memory with Canvas2d (bmo#1137251)
    • Option -remote has been restored (bmo#1080319)