chromium: 30.0.1599.66 security and bugfix update (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2013:1556-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2013-10-16T18:04:12


Update to Chromium 30.0.1599.66: - Easier searching by image - A number of new apps/extension APIs - Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance - Security fixes: + CVE-2013-2906: Races in Web Audio + CVE-2013-2907: Out of bounds read in Window.prototype object + CVE-2013-2908: Address bar spoofing related to the “204 No Content” status code + CVE-2013-2909: Use after free in inline-block rendering + CVE-2013-2910: Use-after-free in Web Audio + CVE-2013-2911: Use-after-free in XSLT + CVE-2013-2912: Use-after-free in PPAPI + CVE-2013-2913: Use-after-free in XML document parsing + CVE-2013-2914: Use after free in the Windows color chooser dialog + CVE-2013-2915: Address bar spoofing via a malformed scheme + CVE-2013-2916: Address bar spoofing related to the “204 No Content” status code + CVE-2013-2917: Out of bounds read in Web Audio + CVE-2013-2918: Use-after-free in DOM + CVE-2013-2919: Memory corruption in V8 + CVE-2013-2920: Out of bounds read in URL parsing + CVE-2013-2921: Use-after-free in resource loader + CVE-2013-2922: Use-after-free in template element + CVE-2013-2923: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives + CVE-2013-2924: Use-after-free in ICU. Upstream bug

  • Add patch chromium-fix-altgrkeys.diff
  • Make sure that AltGr is treated correctly (issue#296835)

  • Do not build with system libxml (bnc#825157)

  • Update to Chromium 31.0.1640.0

  • Bug and Stability Fixes
  • Fix destkop file for chromium by removing extension from icon
  • Change the methodology for the Chromium packages. Build is now based on an official tarball. As soon as the Beta channel catches up with the current version, Chromium will be based on the Beta channel instead of svn snapshots

  • Update to 31.0.1632

  • Bug and Stability fixes
  • Added the flag --enable-threaded-compositing to the startup script. This flag seems to be required when hardware acceleration is in use. This prevents websites from locking up on users in certain cases.

  • Update to 31.0.1627

  • Bug and Stability fixes

  • Update to 31.0.1619

  • bug and Stability fixes

  • require mozilla-nss-devel >= 3.14 and mozilla-nspr-devel >= 4.9.5

  • Add patch exclude_ymp.diff to ensure that 1-click-install files are downloaded and NOT opened (bnc#836059)

  • Update to 31.0.1611

  • Bug and stability fixes

  • Update to 31.0.1605

  • Bug and stability fixes

  • Change the startup script so that Chromium will not start when the chrome_sandbox doesn't have the SETUID. (bnc#779448)

  • Update to 31.0.1601

  • Bug and stability fixes

  • Update to 30.0.1594

  • Bug and stability fixes
  • Correct specfile to properly own /usr/bin/chromium (bnc#831584)
  • Chromium now expects the SUID-helper installed in the same directory as chromium. So let's create a symlink to the helper in /usr/lib

  • Update to 30.0.1587

  • Bug and stability fixes
  • Remove patch chromium-nss-compliant.diff (Upstream)

  • Update to 30.0.1575

  • Bug and stability fixes
  • Enable the gpu-sandbox again due to upstream fix (chromium#255063)

  • Update to 30.0.1567

  • bug and Stability fixes