MozillaFirefox: Update to version 15 (critical)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2012:1064-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2012-08-30T12:09:15


Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, xulrunner, seamonkey 15.0 update (bnc#777588) * MFSA 2012-57/CVE-2012-1970 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards * MFSA 2012-58/CVE-2012-1972/CVE-2012-1973/CVE-2012-1974/CVE-2012-1 975 CVE-2012-1976/CVE-2012-3956/CVE-2012-3957/CVE-2012-3958/CVE- 2012-3959 CVE-2012-3960/CVE-2012-3961/CVE-2012-3962/CVE-2012-3963/CVE- 2012-3964 Use-after-free issues found using Address Sanitizer * MFSA 2012-59/CVE-2012-1956 (bmo#756719) Location object can be shadowed using Object.defineProperty * MFSA 2012-60/CVE-2012-3965 (bmo#769108) Escalation of privilege through about:newtab * MFSA 2012-61/CVE-2012-3966 (bmo#775794, bmo#775793) Memory corruption with bitmap format images with negative height * MFSA 2012-62/CVE-2012-3967/CVE-2012-3968 WebGL use-after-free and memory corruption * MFSA 2012-63/CVE-2012-3969/CVE-2012-3970 SVG buffer overflow and use-after-free issues * MFSA 2012-64/CVE-2012-3971 Graphite 2 memory corruption * MFSA 2012-65/CVE-2012-3972 (bmo#746855) Out-of-bounds read in format-number in XSLT * MFSA 2012-66/CVE-2012-3973 (bmo#757128) HTTPMonitor extension allows for remote debugging without explicit activation * MFSA 2012-68/CVE-2012-3975 (bmo#770684) DOMParser loads linked resources in extensions when parsing text/html * MFSA 2012-69/CVE-2012-3976 (bmo#768568) Incorrect site SSL certificate data display * MFSA 2012-70/CVE-2012-3978 (bmo#770429) Location object security checks bypassed by chrome code * MFSA 2012-72/CVE-2012-3980 (bmo#771859) Web console eval capable of executing chrome-privileged code - fix HTML5 video crash with GStreamer enabled (bmo#761030) - GStreamer is only used for MP4 (no WebM, OGG) - updated filelist - moved browser specific preferences to correct location