Calendars for the Web 4.02 Admin Auth Bypass Vulnerability

ID SSV:9744
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2008-10-17T00:00:00


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Author == SecVuln
Version == 4.02
Software == Calendars for the web by great hill corporation

Calendars for the web has a vulnerability in the administration page.
The page saves the past session, so that anyone navigating to the page has
admin access.


Before attack:

After attack:;10;03;12;00;00;&app=0&format=21x05i9r9s|SnriTmOdoaT&lastcmd=0


how to fix: set time out for login to five minutes    !

A Google query can find a couple pages of victims:  inurl:calweb/calweb.exe

Further hacks: if they disable the timeout you can still log in right after
they log out... You could probaly do something with that
Also the 0 at the ending is the administrator (super user) id.

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