FineCMS multi vulnerablity

ID SSV:96272
Type seebug
Reporter LoRexxar
Modified 2017-07-13T00:00:00


Reflected XSS in get_image.php

Technical Description:

file /application/lib/ajax/get_image.php the $_POST['id'] and $_POST['name'] and $_GET['folder'] without any validated, sanitised or output encoded.

Proof of Concept(PoC)

``` http://your_finecms/application/lib/ajax/get_image.php?folder=1


id=1"><script>alert(1)</script>&name=1 ```


Arbitrary File Modify

Technical Description:

The base function for modify the template can modify the filename,this leads to the Arbitrary File Modify, who could allow attacker getshell.

file /appalication/core/controller/template.php line50-line53 image.png-56.1kB

follow function save() file /appalication/core/model/template.php line26-line48 image.png-118.8kB

if file exists, we can modify it whihout any limit.

insterestingly, there are two more Vulnerability for same function in different files.

file /appalication/core/model/style.php line26-line48 image.png-97.3kB

file /appalication/core/model/script.php line26-line48 image.png-101.7kB

Proof of Concept(PoC)

``` http://your_finecms/index.php?route=template http://your_finecms/index.php?route=style http://your_finecms/index.php?route=script

POST: contents=<?php phpinfo();?>&filename={any exist filename}&savabutton=Zapisz

``` image.png-71.9kB

Authenticated SQL injection

all FineCMS use PDO to connect the mysql server, so all the data without any validated, sanitised or output encoded injection database.but in application/core/controller/excludes.php, the website author use mysqli to connect mysql server.the lead SQL injection, who could allow attacker use some payload to get data in database.

Technical Description:

file application/core/controller/excludes.php line75, the visitor_ip insert into database without any validated, sanitised or output encoded.


file /stat/get_stat_data.php line30


the sql inject into sql_query and execute.

Proof of Concept(PoC)

``` http://your_finecms/index.php?route=excludes&action=add

POST: visitor_ip=1%27%2Csleep%281%29%2C%271&save_button=Zapisz ```

and view http://your_finecms/stat/get_stat_data.php,we can feel website loading sleep.


Stored XSS in images.php

FineCMS allow admin to upload image into gallery, and it will show image data into pages, but some data will output into pages without any validated, sanitised or output encoded. they allow attacker Cross Site Scripting.

Technical Description:

when we upload the file

file application/core/controller/images.php line87


and follow the function add() file application/core/model/images.php line78


if filetype startwith "image",the filetype will insert into database

when we view the detail of the images file application/lib/generators/view.php line106, somethings will output into pages.


Proof of Concept(PoC)

view the http://your_finecms/index.php?route=images&action=add and upload picture image.png-105.7kB

modify the picture's filetype image.png-96.1kB

view the detail of picture image.png-63.7kB


Because of the vulnerability also in edit detail page. so you also can use edit to insert Script code in pages.

http://your_finecms/index.php?route=images&action=edit&id=15 image.png-1782.9kB

view the detail of picture


Stored XSS in visitors.php

FineCMS stores all the visitors the visit url, but in detail of log they output into pages without any validated, sanitised or output encoded. they allow attacker Cross Site Scripting.

Technical Description:

just like last vulnerability.

Proof of Concept(PoC)

visit any page with js script code. such as index.php?route=images&action=view&id=14'"&gt;&lt;script&gt;alert(1)&lt;/script&gt; image.png-134.2kB

when the admin view the visitors page