MacOS/iOS kernel memory corruption due to off-by-one in SIOCGIFORDER socket ioctl (CVE-2017-2474)

ID SSV:92890
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2017-04-04T00:00:00


SIOCSIFORDER and SIOCGIFORDER allow userspace programs to build and maintain the ifnet_ordered_head linked list of interfaces.

SIOCSIFORDER clears the existing list and allows userspace to specify an array of interface indexes used to build a new list.

SIOCGIFORDER allow userspace to query the list of interface identifiers used to build that list.

Here's the relevant code for SIOCGIFORDER:

`` case SIOCGIFORDER: { / struct if_order / struct if_order ifo = (struct if_order )(void *)data;

 u_int32_t ordered_count = if_ordered_count; <----------------- (a)

 if (ifo->ifo_count == 0 ||
 ordered_count == 0) {
 ifo->ifo_count = ordered_count;
 } else if (ifo->ifo_ordered_indices != USER_ADDR_NULL) {
 u_int32_t count_to_copy =
 MIN(ordered_count, ifo->ifo_count); <---------------- (b)
 size_t length = (count_to_copy * sizeof(u_int32_t));
 struct ifnet *ifp = NULL;
 u_int32_t cursor = 0;

 ordered_indices = _MALLOC(length, M_NECP, M_WAITOK);
 if (ordered_indices == NULL) {
 error = ENOMEM;

 TAILQ_FOREACH(ifp, &ifnet_ordered_head, if_ordered_link) {
 if (cursor > count_to_copy) { <------------------ (c)
 ordered_indices[cursor] = ifp->if_index; <------------------ (d)


at (a) it reads the actual length of the list (of course it should take the lock here too, but that's not the bug I'm reporting)

at (b) it computes the number of entries it wants to copy as the minimum of the requested number and the actual number of entries in the list

the loop at (c) iterates through the list of all entries and the check at (c) is supposed to check that the write at (d) won't go out of bounds, but it should be a >=, not a >, as the cursor is the number of elements _already _ written. If count_to_copy is 0, and the cursor is 0, the write will still happen!

By requesting one fewer entries than are actually in the list the code will always write one interface index entry one off the end of the ordered_indices array.

This poc makes a list with 5 entries then requests 4. This allocates a 16-byte kernel buffer to hold the 4 entries then writes 5 entries into there.

tested on MacOS 10.12.3 (16D32) on MacbookAir5,2

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