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HistoryNov 13, 2014 - 12:00 a.m.

Password Manager Pro / Pro MSP - Blind SQL Injection


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                                                >> Authenticated blind SQL injection in Password Manager Pro / Pro MSP
>> Discovered by Pedro Ribeiro ([email protected]), Agile Information Security
Disclosure: 08/11/2014 / Last updated: 08/11/2014
>> Background on the affected products:
"Password Manager Pro (PMP) is a secure vault for storing and managing
shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital
identities of enterprises."
>> Technical details:
PMP has a SQL injection vulnerability in its search function. A valid
user account is required to exploit the injection, however a low
privileged guest account is enough.
The application uses different database backends by default depending
on its version: versions < 6.8 use the MySQL backend and versions >=
6.8 use PostgreSQL. Single quotes are escaped with backslashes at the
injection point, but this can be somewhat avoided by double escaping
the slashes (\\'). In addition, injected strings are all modified to
uppercase. These two unintended "protections" make it difficult to
exploit the injection to achieve remote code execution.
However the injection can be abused in creative ways - for example to
escalate the current user privileges to "Super Administrator", which
has access to all the passwords in the system in unencrypted format.
This can be achieved by injecting the following queries: "update
AaaAuthorizedRole set role_id=1 where account_id=<userId>;insert into
ptrx_superadmin values (<userId>,true);".
A Metasploit module has been released that creates a new "Super
Administrator" account and exports PMP's password database in CSV
format. All passwords are exported unencrypted.
Vulnerability: Blind SQL injection in SEARCH_ALL parameter (multiple
pages affected)
Constraints: authentication needed (guest / low privileged user account)
Affected versions: Unknown, at least v7 build 7001 to vX build XXX
Affected versions: Unknown, at least v6.5 to vX build XXX
COUNT=1&USERID=1&SEARCH_ALL=<injection here>
>> Fix:
Upgrade to version 7.1 build 7105