Konke Smart Plug K - Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

ID SSV:87332
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-11-13T00:00:00


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          Konke Smart Plug Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
Author      : gamehacker&zixian
Mail        : gh<gh@waloudong.org>&zixian<me@zixian.org>
Date        : Oct, 17-2014
Vendor      : http://www.kankunit.com/
Link        : http://www.kankunit.com/
Version     : K
CVE         : CVE-2014-7279
Exploit & p0c
    “Konke” is a smart Home Furnishing products (http://www.kankunit.com/) in China, the product has a security vulnerability, an attacker could exploit the vulnerability to obtain equipment management authority.
    Konke Smart Plug open 23 port,we can telnet the 23 port,we can get root without password.
    1、Scan Konke. you can use nmap scan the 23 port.
    2、open cmd telnet Konke's 23 port.
    3、now you are the root. it is a openwrt,you can use busybox do everything! you can use "reboot" command to reboot Konke.and so on……