Dokeos 1.8.4 Bypass Upload Shell From Your Profile Vulnerability

ID SSV:7686
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2007-12-20T00:00:00


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                                                # Name : dokeos-1.8.4  Bypass Upload Shell From Your Profile (Your Cpanel)
# Download From :
# Found By : RoMaNcYxHaCkEr
# Home Page : Not Yet :(
# Google Dork : Platform Dokeos 1.8.4 漏 2007
# Explantion By Video:
# Explantion Exploit :
First You Must Register In Script Ok :
And Enter By Username And Your Password The Enter Here Your Profile You Can See That Above :
Then You See Choice My productions And See Browser Rename Your Shell To Shell.php.rar Then Choose Ok In Final
Then Enter Here And See Your Profiles And If You Online Or Not
And Search Your Username And Enter Your Profile
Then You See All Information Which You Added !! Like That:
See That Enter Your Name Shell And See Link Your Shell Like Me Here
That,s All :)
Good Luck Everybody
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