IBM Websphere Application Server 2.0./3.0/3.0.2 .1 Showcode Vulnerability

ID SSV:73993
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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Certain versions of the IBM WebSphere application server ship with a vulnerability which allows malicious users to view the source of any document which resides in the web document root directory.

This is possible via a flaw which allows a default servlet (different servlets are used to parse different types of content, JHTML, HTMl, JSP, etc.) This default servlet will display the document/page without parsing/compiling it hence allowing the code to be viewed by the end user. 

"It is easy to verify this vulnerability for a given system. Prefixing the path to web pages with "/servlet/file/" in the URL causes the file to be displayed without being
parsed or compiled. For example if the URL for a file "login.jsp" is:


then accessing


would cause the unparsed contents of the file to show up in the web browser."