Hughes Technologies Mini SQL (mSQL) 2.0/2.0.10 Vulnerability

ID SSV:73389
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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Under certain versions of Mini SQL, the w3-msql CGI script allows users to view directories which are set for private access via .htaccess files. W3-mSQL converts any form data passed to a script into global Lite variables and these variables can then be accessed by your script code.

When an HTML form is defined a field name is given to each element of the form. When the data is passed to W3-mSQL the field names are used as the variable names for the global variables. Once a set of variables has been created for each form element, the values being passed to the script are assigned to the variables. This is done automatically during start-up of the W3-mSQL program. 

First Approach:
This attack requires the attacker to know the location/directory structure of the site she is attacking.

Second Approach:
This approach will gain the intruder a DES encrypted password which they can then attempt to crack it via any number of popular cracking utilites.