Netscape Enterprise Server 3.51/3.6 JHTML View Source Vulnerability

ID SSV:73367
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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Netscape Enterprise Server 3.51 and above includes a search engine by default. The results it generates can be tailored using various configuration files, and one of the options is whether or not the full text of a resultant page is displayed. This option is turned off by default. However, even with this setting in place, it is possible to construct a specific query that will return the full text of a JHTML page (active content, similar to an IIS .asp page) or other scripted files. 

These example URLs may be wrapped for readability: (copied verbatim from David Litchfield's post to Bugtraq)
h t t p://no-such-server/search?NS-search-page=results&NS-query=A&NS-collection=B&NS-tocrec-pat=/text/HTML-tocrec-demo1.pat
where A is the query e.g. the word "that" and B is the collection e.g. "Web+Publish" or "web_htm".
h t t p://no-such-server/search?NS-search-page=document&NS-rel-doc-name=/path/to/indexed/file.jhtml&NS-query=URI!=''&NS-collection=A
where A is the collection without having to go through the rigmarole of playing around with HTML-tocrec-demo1.pat in the URL.