Mod_Auth_OpenID Session Stealing Vulnerability

ID SSV:72917
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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# Security Advisory 1201
    Summary           : Session stealing
    Date              : May 2012
    Affected versions : all versions prior to mod_auth_openid-0.7
    ID                : mod_auth_openid-1201
    CVE reference     : CVE-2012-2760

# Details
Session ids are stored insecurely in /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db (default
filename). The db is world readable and the session ids are stored

# Impact
If a user has access to the filesystem on the mod_auth_openid server,
they can steal all of the current openid authenticated sessions

# Workarounds
A quick improvement of the situation is to chmod 0400 the DB file.
Default location is /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db unless another location
has been configured in AuthOpenIDDBLocation.

# Solution
Upgrade to mod_auth_openid-0.7 or later:

# Credits
This vulnerability was reported by Peter Ellehauge, ptr at groupon dot
com. Fixed by Brian Muller bmuller at gmail dot com

# References
mod_auth_openid project:

# History
15 May 2012
Discovered the vulnerability. Created private patch.

16 May 2012
Notified maintainer.
Obtained CVE-id

22 May 2012
Fixed by Brian Muller (bmuller at gmail dot com) in
mod_auth_openid-0.7 -