Gnuboard <= 4.33.02 tp.php PATH_INFO SQL Injection

ID SSV:72232
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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                                                # Exploit Title: Gnuboard <= 4.33.02 PATH_INFO SQL INJECTION Vulnerability
# Google Dork: inurl:gnuboard4/bbs/board.php
# Date: 2011-2-14
# Author: flyh4t
# Software Link:
# Version: Gnuboard <= 4.33.02
# Tested on: linux+apache
# CVE : CVE-2011-4066

Gnuboard <= 4.33.02 PATH_INFO SQL INJECTION Vulnerability
Bug found By Flyh4t & alpha.liu
SIR GNUBoard( is a widely used bulletin board system of Korea.  
It is freely available for all platforms that supports PHP and MySQL.  
But we find a SQL INJECTION affects SIR GNUBoard version 4.33.02 
The codes can be download here
Here is the Vulnerability code in /bbs/tb.php
-----------------------vul code-------------------
$arr = explode("/", $_SERVER[PATH_INFO]);
//$_SERVER[PATH_INFO] is not affected by the magic_quotes_gpc set of php
//we can inject arbitrary sql code include single quotes through $_SERVER[PATH_INFO] 
$bo_table = $arr[1];
$wr_id = $arr[2];
$to_token = $arr[3];
//we can pass arbitrary sql code to $bo_table 
$write_table   = $g4[write_prefix] . $bo_table;
// $write_table can be injected through $bo_table
$sql = " select wr_id, ca_name, wr_email from $write_table where wr_id = '$wr_id' ";
//here $write_table lead to sql injection,and no need of  single quotes
$wr = sql_fetch($sql, FALSE);
if (!$wr[wr_id] || !($_POST[title] && $_POST[excerpt] && $_POST[url] && $_POST[blog_name])) 
    $tmp_dir = str_replace("/tb.php", "", $_SERVER[SCRIPT_NAME]);
-----------------------vul code end-------------------