F5 BIG-IP remote root authentication bypass Vulnerability(CVE-2012-1493)

ID SSV:60202
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2012-06-11T00:00:00


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                                                Advisory ID: MATTA-2012-002
CVE reference: CVE-2012-1493
Affected platforms: BIG-IP platforms without SCCP
F5 BigIP 11.x
F5 BigIP 10.x
F5 BigIP  9.x

Date: 2012-February-16
Security risk: High
Vulnerability: F5 BIG-IP remote root authentication bypass
Researcher: Florent Daigniere
Vendor Status: Notified / Patch available
Vulnerability Disclosure Policy:
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BIG-IP 11.x 10.x 9.x平台在实现上允许未验证用户绕过身份验证并以root用户登录到设备,对应下面公钥的SSH密钥是公开的,并出现在所有有漏洞的设备中。如果攻击者获取设备完全控制权,则会发动针对其他基础架构的攻击。

Vulnerable BIG-IP installations allow unauthenticated users to bypass
 authentication and login as the 'root' user on the device. 

The SSH private key corresponding to the following public key is
 public and present on all vulnerable appliances:

 SCCP Superuser

Its fingerprint is:


If successful, a malicious third party can get full control of the
 device with little to no effort. The Attacker might reposition and
 launch an attack against other parts of the target infrastructure
 from there.

Versions affected:

BIG-IP version 11.1.0 build 1943.0 tested. 

The vendor reports that the following versions are patched:
    9.4.8-HF5 and later 
    10.2.4 and later 
    11.0.0-HF2 and later 
    11.1.0-HF3 and later 



This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Florent Daigniere
 from Matta Consulting.


16-02-12 initial discovery
22-02-12 initial attempt to contact the vendor
24-02-12 reply from David Wang, case C1062228 is open
24-02-12 draft of the advisory sent to the vendor
01-03-12 CVE-2012-1493 is assigned
06-04-12 James Affeld starts coordinating the notification effort
23-05-12 F5 notifies us that patches are ready
29-05-12 F5 sends advance notification to some customers
06-06-12 Public disclosure

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