TransLucid 1.75 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

ID SSV:12957
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2009-06-12T00:00:00


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                                                transLucid - Cross Site Scripting and HTML Injection Vulnerabilities

Version Affected: 1.75 (newest)

Info: transLucidonline is the easy website publishing system with which
anyone can create and maintain web content, in multiple languages and
based on a growing list of ready-made, professional layouts.

Credits: InterN0T (macd3v and MaXe)

External Links:

-:: The Advisory ::-

Vulnerable Function / ID Calls:
NodeID & action (vulnerable in both admin and public panels)

Cross Site Scripting: (anyone - this was tested with public mode on)
(found by macd3v)
-- Number 3 might require moderator or administrative access if public
mode is not turned on.

HTML Injection:
- If public mode is on / chosen, editing the following page-fields will
result in script execution: Title & Url

Adding a new page can result in HTML Injection too. (Parent & Child
pages were fully tested.)

Affected Sites by HTML Injection: (there will most likely be a lot more.)
-- In the admin panel "> needs to be prepended most likely in order to
execute the injection.
--=-- Switching the theme to Developer can result in HTML Injection if
there is any injected.

-:: Solution ::-
Regular expression match and / or bad characters conversion rocks!

Easy to install and use, but the code should have been reviewed long ago.


Disclosure Information:
- Vulnerabilities found, researched and confirmed between 5th to 10th June.
- Advisory finished and published on InterN0T the 12th June.
- Vendor and Buqtraq (SecurityFocus) contacted the 12th June.

All of the best,