Enlightenment - Linux Null PTR Dereference Exploit Framework

ID SSV:12257
Type seebug
Reporter Root
Modified 2009-09-11T00:00:00


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                                                /* enlightenment 200909092307

   To create your own exploit module for enlightenment, just name it
   It will be auto-compiled by the run_exploits.sh script and thrown into
   the list of loaded exploit modules

   Each module must have the following features:
   It must include this header file, exp_framework.h
   A description of the exploit, the variable being named "desc"
   A "prepare" function: int prepare(unsigned char *ptr)
     where ptr is the ptr to the NULL mapping, which you are able to write to
     This function can return the flags described below for prepare_the_exploit
     Return 0 for failure otherwise
   A "trigger" function: int trigger(void)
     Return 0 for failure, nonzero for success
   A "post" function: int post(void)
     This function can return the flags described below for post_exploit
   A "get_exploit_state_ptr" function:
     int get_exploit_state_ptr(struct exploit_state *ptr)
     Generally this will always be implemented as:
     struct *exp_state;
     int get_exploit_state_ptr(struct exploit_state *ptr)
        exp_state = ptr;
        return 0;
     It gives you access to the exploit_state structure listed below,
     get_kernel_sym allows you to resolve symbols
     own_the_kernel is the function that takes control of the kernel
      (in case you need its address to set up your buffer)
     the other variables describe the exploit environment, so you can
     for instance, loop through a number of vulnerable socket domains
     until you detect ring0 execution has occurred.

   That's it!

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