[Full-disclosure] Cross-Site-Scripting Vulnerability in Oracle XMLDB

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Cross-Site-Scripting Vulnerability in Oracle XMLDB

Name Cross-Site-Scripting Vulnerability in Oracle XMLDB Systems Affected Oracle Database 9i Rel. 2 Severity Low Risk Category Cross Site Scripting (CSS/XSS) Vendor URL http://www.oracle.com This advisory http://www.red-database-security.com/advisory/oracle_xmldb_css.html Author Alexander Kornbrust (ak at red-database-security.com) Date 7 October 2005 (V 1.00)


Oracle XML DB is a feature of the Oracle Database. It provides a high-performance , native XML retrieval and storage technology. It fully absorbs the W3C XML data model into the Oracle Database, and provides new standard access methods for navigating and querying XML.

Oracle XML DB is vulnerable against cross site scripting.

Affected Products

Oracle Database 9i Release 2


http://scott:tiger@myserver:8080/oradb<script>alert('Hi')</script>/SCOTT /EMP

Affected systems

Tested with Oracle Database

Patch Information

This bug is fixed with Critical Patch Update July 2005 (CPU July 2005). Oracle forgot to inform Red-Database-Security that this bug is fixed with CPU July 2005.

All already published alerts are available on the web site of Red-Database-Security GmbH http://www.red-database-security.com/advisory/published_alerts.html


9-oct-2003 Oracle secalert was informed

10-oct-2003 Bug confirmed

12-jul-2005 Oracle published CPU July 2005 without informing Red-Database-Security that this bug is already fixed.

07-oct-2005 Red-Database-Security published this advisory

(c) 2005 by Red-Database-Security GmbH - last update 7-october-2005

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