[Full-disclosure] PeanutHull Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

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PeanutHull Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

by Sowhat

EN: http://secway.org/advisory/AD20050720EN.txt CN: http://secway.org/advisory/AD20050720CN.txt

Product Affected:

PeanutHull <= 3.0 Beta 5


Oray Inc. is the world's biggest DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) Provider (According to their WEBSITE). PeanutHull is the DDNS client For more information ,see http://www.oray.net


The vulnerability is caused due to SYSTEM privileges are not dropped when accessing the PeanutHull from the System Tray icon.

A local non-privileged user can access the application via the system tray and can execute commands with Local System privileges.

Exploit: 1. Double click on the PeanutHull icon in the Taskbar to open the PeanutHull window. 2. Click Help, click BBS 3. Type C:\ in the poped up IE Address BAR 4. Navagate to %WINDIR%\System32\ 5. click CMD.exe 6. A new command shell will open with SYSTEM privileges

Exploitng this vulnerability allows local non-privileged user to obtain SYSTEM privilege.

Vendor Response:

2005.07.13 Vendor notified via email 2005.07.14 Vendor responsed that this problem will be fixed in the 3.0 Final Version. 2005.07.20 PeanutHull 3.0 Released 2005.07.20 So I released this advisory

Please update to PeanutHull 3.0 http://www.oray.net

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