Oracle Forms Builder Password in Temp Files

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2005-07-13T00:00:00


Name Oracle Forms Builder Password in Temp Files Systems Affected Oracle Formsbuilder 9.0.4 Severity Low Risk Category Information disclosure of passwords Vendor URL Author Alexander Kornbrust (ak at Date 12 July 2005 (V 1.00) Advisory AKSEC2003-006 Oracle Vuln# AS06 Time to fix 148 days

Details Oracle Formsbuilder 9.0.4 creates temp files (e.g. s5hs.1htm) in the local temp (%TEMP%) directory. These temp-files contain the username and password of the current database connection entered in the Formsbuilder. After closing Formsbuilder these files are not deleted.

This security issued was introduced in Formsbuilder 9.0.4 to avoid another security issue in older versions of Formsbuilder (cleartext passwords in the Apache log file).

Example <html> <head> ORACLE FORMS.</head> <body onload="document.pform.submit();" > <form name="pform" action="http://localhost:8889/forms90/f90servlet" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="form" value="C:\oracle_security\sql_injection_forms\demo1.fmx"> <input type="hidden" name="userid" value="SCOTT/TIGER@ora10103"> <input type="hidden" name="obr" value="yes"> <input type="hidden" name="array" value="YES"> </form> </body></html>

Workaround Set the environment variable TMP, TEMP and TMPDIR to a secure location and delete the temp directory on a regular basis.

Patch Information Apply patches for Jdeveloper and / or DeveloperSuite mentioned in Metalink Note 311038 on your Jdeveloper / DeveloperSuite Installation (normally your client PC).

History 14-feb-2005 Oracle secalert was informed 14-feb-2005 Bug confirmed 12-jul-2005 Oracle published Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2005 12-jul-2005 Red-Database-Security published this advisory

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