High Risk Vulnerability in L-Soft's LISTSERV Server

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2005-05-26T00:00:00


Peter Winter-Smith of NGSSoftware has discovered a number of vulnerabilities in L-Soft's LISTSERV list management system. The worst of these carries a high risk rating.

Affected versions include:

  • LISTSERV version 14.3, including LISTSERV Lite and HPO
  • LISTSERV version 1.8e, including LISTSERV Lite and HPO
  • LISTSERV version 1.8d, including LISTSERV Lite and HPO

Running under Windows and Unix, and OpenVMS AXP.

Several of the flaws in question allow remote arbitrary code execution, others allow remote denial of service.

This issue has been resolved in the latest release of L-Soft LISTSERV (version 14.3 level set 2005a and above), which may be downloaded from:

http://www.lsoft.com/download/listserv.asp http://www.lsoft.com/download/listservlite.asp

I (Peter Winter-Smith) would like to extend a special thanks to the support and development teams at L-Soft who were able to address these issues, from reporting to published fix, in well under a week.

NGSSoftware are going to withhold details of this flaw for three months. Full details will be published on the 25th August 2005. This three month window will allow users of L-Soft's LISTSERV the time needed to apply the patch before the details are released to the general public. This reflects NGSSoftware's approach to responsible disclosure.

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