Multiple vulnerabilities in SheerDNS

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Date : 04/13/2003 Product : SheerDNS Author : Frank Denis <>

------------------------[ Product description ]------------------------

SheerDNS was written to be a simple replacement master DNS server that can be used where atomic updates are required. Because it stores each record in a small file, updating records does not require the sheerdns process to be notified or restarted. Each update is immediately available and served as-is.

SheerDNS is extremely light-weight, simple, and fast, and written with security in mind.

Home page :

 ------------------------[ Vulnerabilities ]------------------------

Two main vulnerabilities were found in SheerDNS 1.0.0 .

  • Buffer overflow in CNAME handling.

There's buffer overflow in the way SheerDNS constructs a reply when answering a CNAME request. See line 385 of sheerdns.c :

strcpy ((char *) query, lookup_results[0]);

query is a 256 bytes buffer on the stack, while lookup_results[0] can be up to 1024 bytes (see dir.c) .

Lookup results are read from local files, hopefully created by trusted processes. However, a second vulnerability can break this.

  • Directory traversal in directory_lookup().

The point in SheerDNS is that data is directly served from files. Thus, a request for the <type> record of the <zone> zone results in reading a file whoose location is :


However, SheerDNS 1.0.0 doesn't sanitize the requested zone.

Using a specially crafted DNS request, an arbitrary directory can be read, moreover SheerDNS needs root privileges and doesn't chroot.

The attached proof-of-concept makes it read the /tmp/passwd/ directory.

  • If an untrusted user can create files with arbitrary names on a server running SheerDNS, both vulnerabilities can be combined. SheerDNS can be forced to read any untrusted file whoose name is "CNAME" and whoose content will trigger the query[] buffer overflow.

    ------------------------[ Affected versions ]------------------------

Both vulnerabilities have been confirmed on SheerDNS 1.0.0 .

------------------------[ Vendor status and fixes ]------------------------

SheerDNS author Paul Sheer addressed these vulnerabilities the day they were reported, among with some other problems.

SheerDNS 1.0.1 is now available for download from the project's main site.

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