new vulnerability inPowerFTP Personal FTP Server

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2002-10-09T00:00:00


PowerFTP Personal FTP Server is a multithreaded FTP server for the MS Windows OS by Cooolsoft.

The PowerFTPd is available from vendor Cooolsoft's website: I found a vulnerability has PowerFTP that allows a remote user--any user--to shut down the ftp server (tested on v 2.24) I alerted coolsoft (05/10/2002) and as I did not have a response until A now 1 - by opening a session telnet towards server ftp and sending a buffer we can crash th server telnet 21 [banner..] AAA(buffer) the server is down 2- I realised an exploit being based on another vulnerability... I still seek possibility to exploit this fault differently. you can download and test my exploit when the attack is launched there is the following message: L exeption Exeption logicielle inconnue (0x0eedfade) s'ext produite dans l'application a l'emplacement 0x77e7f142

Exeption EFtpCtrlsocketexeption in module FTPServer.exe at 00059DE6. Data in buffer , cant change size

This was tested against PowerFTP Personal FTP Server v2.24

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