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Modified 2002-10-01T00:00:00


For those of you who have a desire to crash Microsoft's PPTP stack, I have a pptp .spk script linked off of http://www.immunitysec.com/spike.html.

It would probably be good to run against other PPTP stacks as well. (Likewise, SPIKE's msrpcfuzzer takes down free software dce-rpc stacks just as fast as it takes down the non-free stacks.)

It's not a bad demonstration of how to use SPIKE scripts either, if you're inclined to learn. Finding this bug took less than thirty minutes...(</marketing>)

To run it:

first enable the shared library fun

bash$ . ./ls.sh

now run the script against after setting up PPTP on that

machine. It's a good idea to set up SoftIce as well. bash$ ./generic_send_tcp 1723 ./pptp.spk 0 0

wait for crash. It's in the second packet, I believe.

Dave Aitel Immunity, Inc.


[1] phion Information Technologies http://www.phion.com/


phion Information Technologies will not provide an exploit for this issue.