CVE-2015-5076 - Vulnerability title: Reflective XSS In X2Engine Inc. X2Engine

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2015-10-26T00:00:00


Vulnerability title: Reflective XSS In X2Engine Inc. X2Engine CVE: CVE-2015-5076 Vendor: X2Engine Inc. Product: X2Engine Affected version: 4.2 Fixed version: 5.2 Reported by: Simone Quatrini Details:

It was discovered that the web application was vulnerable to reflective Cross-Site Scripting where user supplied data is used to generate the subsequent response. This is a normal feature of many applications, however, in this instance the application failed to restrict the type of data that was accepted and also failed to sanitise it, meaning that it could not be safely rendered by the browser.

A number of locations were identified as beuing vulnerable, including:

x2engine/protected/views/admin/formEditor.php:144:<a style="float:right;position:relative;top:10px;" href="deleteVersion?version=<?php echo isset($_GET['version'])?$_GET['version']:'';?>" class="x2-button">Delete Selected Version</a> x2engine/protected/views/admin/rollbackImport.php:99: <?php echo Yii::t('admin','Import ID: '); ?><strong><?php echo $_GET['importId'];?></strong> x2engine/protected/views/site/listener.php:69: if(!empty($_GET['bc'])) echo $_GET['bc']; x2engine/protected/views/site/listener.php:83: <?php if (!empty($_GET['fg'])) echo 'color: '. $_GET['fg'] .";\n"; unset($_GET['fg']); ?> x2engine/protected/views/site/listener.php:84: <?php if (!empty($_GET['bgc'])) echo 'background-color: '. $_GET['bgc'] .";\n"; unset($_GET['bgc']); ?> x2engine/protected/views/site/listener.php:87: echo 'font-family:'. FontPickerInput::getFontCss($_GET['font']) .";\n"; x2engine/protected/components/views/webForm.php:292: value="<?php echo isset($_POST['Services'][$field['fieldName']]) ? x2engine/protected/components/TranslationManager.php:383:<input type="hidden" name="file" value="<?php echo $_GET['file']; ?>"> x2engine/protected/tests/webscripts/x2WebTrackingTestPages/customWebLeadCaptureScriptTest.php:61:<div id="success">success<?php echo $_POST['x2_key']; ?></div> x2engine/protected/modules/contacts/controllers/ContactsController.php:577:echo $_POST['id']; x2engine/protected/modules/contacts/controllers/ContactsController.php:581: echo $_POST['id'];

An attacker could create a malicious link with the following URL:

http://localhost/x2engine/index.php/profile/getEvents?lastEventId=<img src=aonerror=alert('xss')>&lastTimestamp=1408631575&profileId=3&myProfileId=3

Further details at:

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