Reflected XSS Vulnerability In Manage Engine Firewall Analyzer

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  • Title : Reflected XSS Vulnerability in XSS In Manage Engine Firewall Analyzer
  • Author: Kapil Kulkarni
  • Plugin Homepage:
  • Severity: Low
  • Version Affected: Version 8.3 Build Number:8300
  • version patched: Separate Patch release for all version


About the Product

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is an agent less log analytics and configuration management software that helps network administrators to centrally collect, archive, analyze their security device logs and generate forensic reports out of it. Real-time event response system and Integrated Compliance Management module of Firewall Analyzer automates your end point security monitoring, network bandwidth monitoring and security & compliance auditing. Firewall Analyzer eases your Device Configuration Management by providing out-of-the-box reports and alerts for configuration changes. Firewall Analyzer is vendor-agnostic and supports almost all open source and commercial network firewalls like Check Point, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Snort, Squid Project, SonicWALL, Palo Alto and more, IDS/IPS, VPNs, Proxies and other related security devices

Vulnerable Parameter

  • j_username

About Vulnerability

This Product is vulnerable to a combination of XSS attack meaning that if an admin user can be tricked to visit a crafted URL created by attacker (via spear phishing/social engineering), the attacker can execute arbitrary code into login page. Once exploited, admin?s browser can be made to do almost anything the admin user could typically do by hijacking admin's cookies etc.

Vulnerability Class

Cross Site Scripting ( S)

Steps to Reproduce: (POC)

  1. After Setting up Manage engine navigate to its user interface

  2. Use this payload in Username field

payload To Use


  1. And see the XSS in action.

Live Poc URL


Follow the below steps to fix the issue: Please find the fix for XSS vulnerabilities:

  1. Stop the FWA service.

  2. Download the fix and extract it:

This would contain 7 fix folders and 1 additional folder:

• FWA Home - conf (1 file) • FWA Home - lib (8 files) • FWA Home - lib - resources (2 files) • FWA Home - webapps - fw - images (1 file) • FWA Home - webapps - fw - javascript (2 files) • FWA Home - webapps - fw - styles (1 file) • FWA Home - webapps - fw - WEB-INF (2 files) and

• Screen-shot folder // The last additional folder containing screen-shots for your reference explaining "what files have to be placed / replaced?" and "Where?" //

  1. Now place or replace the files as per the screen-shots from the above 7 folders to their respective locations as instructed below:

Location Files which has to be newly placed Files which has to be replaced (A similar would be there in this location , just replace it) C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\conf
antisamy-fwa-policy.xml - C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\lib
antisamy-1.5.3 batik-css.jar nekohtml.jar ss_css2.jar xercesImpl.jar xml-apis.jar FirewallAnalyzerJSP.jar LogAnalyzerClient.jar C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\lib\resources -
MessageResources.prop MessageResources_JS_en_US.prop C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\webapps\fw\images
errorpage.png - C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\webapps\fw\javascript -
FAUtil.js PolicyReport.js C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\webapps\fw\styles -
newTheme.css C:\ManageEngine\Firewall\webapps\fw\WEB-INF -
struts-config.xml web.xml

// C:\ManageEngine\Firewall is referred as <FWA Home> i.e. Default FWA installation folder //

  1. Start the FWA service.

This should fix the vulnerability issues. Change Log ==========


23-March-2015 Reported to Developer 28-February-2015 Acknowledgement from Developer 04-April-2015 Fixed by developer 05-April-2015 Requested a CVE ID 22-April-2015 Public Disclosed credits ======= * Kapil Kulkarni * Information Security Testing * ControlCase International Pvt Ltd. * *