Persistent XSS Vulnerability in CMS Papoo Light v6.0.0 Rev. 4701

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Advisory: Persistent XSS Vulnerability in CMS Papoo Light v6 Advisory ID: SROEADV-2014-01 Author: Steffen Rцsemann Affected Software: CMS Papoo Version 6.0.0 Rev. 4701 Vendor URL: Vendor Status: fixed CVE-ID: -

========================== Vulnerability Description: ==========================

The CMS Papoo Light Version has a persistent XSS vulnerability in its guestbook functionality and in its user-registration functionality.

================== Technical Details: ==================

XSS-Vulnerability #1:

Papoo Light CMS v6 provides the functionality to post comments on a guestbook via the following url: http://{target-url}/guestbook.php?menuid=6.

The input fields with the id „author“ is vulnerable to XSS which gets stored in the database and makes that vulnerability persistent.


<img src='n' onerror=“javascript:alert('XSS')“ > <iframe src=“some_remote_source“></iframe>

XSS-Vulnerability #2:

People can register themselves on Papoo Light v6 CMS at http://{target-url}/account.php?menuid=2. Instead of using a proper username, an attacker can inject HTML and/or JavaScriptcode on the username input-field.

Code gets written to the database backend then. Attacker only has to confirm his/her e-mail address to be able to login and spread the code by posting to the forum or the guestbook where the username is displayed.


see above (XSS #1)

========= Solution: =========

Update to the latest version

==================== Disclosure Timeline: ==================== 13-Dec-2014 – found XSS #1 13-Dec-2014 - informed the developers (XSS #1) 14-Dec-2014 – found XSS #2 14-Dec-2014 – informed the developers (XSS #2) 15-Dec-2014 - release date of this security advisory 15-Dec-2014 - response and fix by vendor 15-Dec-2014 - post on BugTraq

======== Credits: ========

Vulnerability found and advisory written by Steffen Rцsemann.

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