Re: Medium severity flaw in BlackBerry QNX Neutrino RTOS

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Nth Dimension Security Advisory (NDSA20140311) Date: 11th March 2014 Author: Tim Brown <> URL: <> / <> Product: QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.5.0 <> Vendor: BlackBerry <> Risk: Medium


This advisory concerns the forced disclosure of 2 vulnerabilities that were previously disclosed to BlackBerry. Disclosure has been forced since these vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed (with PoC) on the exploit-db web site.

Two local privilege escalation vulnerabilities have been identified that would ultimately result in malicious code being executed in a trusted context. The first allows direct code execution ( whilst the second allows for the root password to be disclosed (

It should be noted that Nth Dimension do not believe that the bug collision are due to a leak within BlackBerry but rather that these are the simply instances of multiple researchers identifying the same vulnerable code paths.


Nth Dimension are not aware of vendor supplied patches at this moment in time.

Technical Details

1) The following PoC command causes id to be executed with euid 0:

$ /sbin/ifwatchd -v -u id en0

2) The following PoC command causes the first line of /etc/shadow (including the root user's password hash to be displayed:

$ /sbin/ppoectl -f /etc/shadow


On 22th November 2012, Nth Dimension supplied a PoC exploits for each of the vulnerabilities outlined above. BlackBerry responded to confirm that they had received the report and were investigating.

On the 17th June 2013, Nth Dimension chased BlackBerry for an update and were notified that BIRT2013-00001 had been assigned to to the privilege escalation issues.

No further contact was received from BlackBerry after the 26th Julu 2013.


As of the 11th March 2014, both the privilege escalation attacks have been disclosed by a 3rd party. In light of this and in the absence of any timely response from BlackBerry, Nth Dimension have opted to make full details public. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1

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