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HistorySep 09, 2013 - 12:00 a.m.

CVE-2013-4152 XML External Entity (XXE) injection in Spring Framework






Severity: Important

Vendor: Spring by Pivotal

Versions Affected:

  • 3.0.0 to 3.2.3 (Spring OXM & Spring MVC)
  • 4.0.0.M1 (Spring OXM)
  • 4.0.0.M1-4.0.0.M2 (Spring MVC)
  • Earlier unsupported versions may also be affected

The Spring OXM wrapper did not expose any property for disabling entity resolution when using the JAXB unmarshaller. There are four possible source implementations passed to the unmarshaller:

  • DOMSource
  • StAXSource
  • SAXSource
  • StreamSource
    For a DOMSource, the XML has already been parsed by user code and that code is responsible for protecting against XXE.
    For a StAXSource, the XMLStreamReader has already been created by user code and that code is responsible for protecting against XXE.
    For SAXSource and StreamSource instances, Spring processed external entities by default thereby creating this vulnerability.
    The issue was resolved by disabling external entity processing by default and adding an option to enable it for those users that need to use this feature when processing XML from a trusted source.

It was also identified that Spring MVC processed user provided XML with JAXB in combination with a StAX XMLInputFactory without disabling external entity resolution. External entity resolution has been disabled in this case.

Users of affected versions should apply the following mitigation:

  • Users of 3.x should upgrade to 3.2.4 or later
  • Users of 4.x should upgrade to 4.0.0.RC1 or later once released
    Note the Spring OXM issue is fixed in 4.0.0.M2

These issues were identified by Alvaro Munoz of the HP Enterprise Security Team.

References: (Spring OXM) (Spring MVC)

2013-Aug-22: Initial vulnerability report published.