Multiple critical vulnerabilities in Maxthon and Avant browsers

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Below you can find a short summary of discovered vulnerabilities in Maxthon and Avant browsers. Such vulnerabilities were demonstrated during HITBAMS2012 security conference and more recently at HackPra.

Affected Products

  • Maxthon (
  • Avant Browser (

Security advisories

  • [advisory] Maxthon multiple vulnerabilities:
  • [advisory] Avant multiple vulnerabilities:

Individual security advisories, exploit modules and video links can be found below.

[1] Maxthon - Cross Context Scripting - about: history - Remote Code Execution

[advisory] [metasploit module] [demo]

[2] Maxthon - Cross Context Scripting (XCS) - RSS - Remote Code Execution

[advisory] [metasploit module] [demo]

[3] Maxthon - Privileged APIs on

[advisory] [demo]

[4] Maxthon - Cross Context Scripting (XCS) - Bookmark Toolbar and Bookmark Sidebar - Code Execution

[advisory] [demo]

[5] Maxthon - Incorrect Executable File Handling and Same Origin Policy Implementation


[6] Avant Browser - Same of Origin Policy Bypass - browser:home

[advisory] [BeEF module] [demo]

[7] Avant Browser - Stored Cross Site Scripting - Feed Reader (browser://localhost/lst?*)

[advisory] [demo]

[8] Avant Browser - Cross Context Scripting - browser:home - Most Visited And History Tabs

[advisory] [demo]


[presentation] HITBAMS2012 - Window Shopping: Browser Bugs Hunting in 2012 - [presentation] HackPra - Cross Context Scripting attacks & exploitation -

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